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Update pokitt autobuild version

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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ message( STATUS "Building PoKiTT, ExprLib, and SpatialOps in @TPL_DIR@" )
# Set desired versions for the TPLs
set( SO_HASH 431472f7429d46a50330875d8cc636e10d67459d )
set( EXPR_HASH d2950c77edb22e5f3669ddaaf2d2ed29ceb24d2c )
set( POKITT_HASH 1173fd181d03550e2e5a86b964052354153c923d )
set( POKITT_HASH 6836d66a9a36951d612388f021f12182286f0fc8 )
# --- SpatialOps
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