Commit ebc6a98e authored by James Sutherland's avatar James Sutherland

Merge branch 'update' into 'master'

- fixed variable x to X for VAST_4 scaling

See merge request James_Research_Group/PCA!2
parents 363c6c78 40fa801e
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ switch upper(scaling)
case 'VAST_3'
d = dev.^2 .* kurt.^2 ./ max(X);
case 'VAST_4'
d = dev.^2 .* kurt.^2 ./ (max(X)-min(x));
d = dev.^2 .* kurt.^2 ./ (max(X)-min(X));
case 'RANGE'
d = max(X)-min(X);
case 'LEVEL'
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